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Trust Apeiron to deliver unparalleled, industry-wide problem-solving expertise, combining decades of hands-on experience with a comprehensive suite of services to offer tailored, efficient solutions across various sectors.

Apeiron Pty Ltd, rooted in Australia’s mining maintenance heritage, delivers bespoke manufacturing solutions with a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern engineering. Supported by our engineering division and factory, we specialise in transforming initial ideas into refined prototypes, ready for full-scale production. Our team of seasoned professionals is committed to innovation and excellence, ensuring we stay at the forefront of technology and exceed client expectations.

As experts in mining and manufacturing maintenance and repairs, we provide one-stop solutions tailored to the unique challenges of this demanding sector. Whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency solutions, our experience and deep industry understanding enable us to offer effective support, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Letting our numbers tell the story

With over three decades of industry experience, our team has successfully launched multiple companies, dominated the rock drill service market and expanded globally, significantly impacting the industrial and mining sectors.

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Our companies

Our group of companies, initially formed to address market gaps, started as maintenance and supply units for the mining industry. Expanding our focus, the new entities now showcase our commitment to designing and fabricating innovative solutions tailored for business needs, demonstrating our versatility and growth.

Popeys Diesel Services

Popeys Diesel Services specialises in repairing diesel equipment for the mining industry, initially focusing on underground heavy machinery. Our operations have since expanded into a dedicated workshop, serving as our operational hub.


Aushose was established to provide specialsed sales and services in the hydraulic and lubrication market. This division provides its expertise and support across various industries.

Powertrain Components Australia (PCA)

PCA specialises in repairing all powertrain-related components, focusing on heavy earthmoving machinery, mining equipment and other mission-critical assets.

Tartarus Underground Hire

Tartarus Underground Hire meets the equipment needs of underground mines across Australia, offering trucks, drills and more for dry hire. If it’s mission-critical and you need it, we can get it for you.

The Research and Development Company

The Research and Development Company transforms ideas into prototypes across sectors like aerospace, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, mining, defence and food and beverage packaging. With a factory for production, we specialise in problem-solving, design and prototyping, readying ideas for market.

B&S Precision Engineering

B&S Precision Engineering specialises in turning ideas into prototypes, controlling production costs from our Victoria factory. This strategy ensures cost-effective, innovative solutions are rolled out globally and nationwide from Melbourne.

The Rockdrill Company

The Rockdrill Company focuses on designing and manufacturing innovative rock drilling technology aimed at revolutionising the global mining industry, marking a significant leap forward in mining operations.

Excellence in engineering and prototype development

Our mission is to revolutionise the global mining and manufacturing landscapes through innovative solutions, superior engineering and sustainable practices. We aim to exceed client expectations by offering bespoke services, from maintenance to prototype development, driving efficiency and progress in every project.

Innovating Global Mining

Revolutionising the sector with sustainable, cutting-edge solutions, pushing efficiency and progress through custom engineering and manufacturing.

Prototype Development

Leading the charge in transforming industries with unparalleled technology and superior engineering, committed to turning visionary ideas into tangible, market-leading innovations.

Superior Maintenance

Delivering top-tier, efficient solutions for mining maintenance and repairs, ensuring unmatched operational reliability and longevity, propelling global industry advancements.

Industries we serve

We cater to a broad spectrum of industries, including mining, agriculture, industrial, defence, pharmaceutical, aerospace and food and beverage, among others. Open to collaboration with any sector eager to innovate and develop next-gen solutions, we’re committed to expanding our reach and exploring potential new industries.

Food & Beverages

From Australia to the world

Based in Mt Isa, north-west Queensland, with operations extending across Australia, our mission is to pioneer innovative technological solutions by identifying and filling market gaps. Our expansion into global manufacturing is driven by a team of accomplished professionals and state-of-the-art workshops. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), our mission was to improve mining operations worldwide, ensuring our presence wherever digging occurs and highlighting our dedication to global technological advancement.

Today, our scope has broadened to offer manufacturing solutions to a host of other industries.

Senior management

Our management team, rooted in on-site mining experience under challenging conditions, excels in crafting solutions to enhance equipment productivity. This problem-solving drive has spurred our growth and expansion into new areas.

Adrian Pope
Alex Sangster
Yoka Baert
Andrew Clingeleffer
Matt Lloyd

As someone passionate about problem-solving, I thrive on the challenges of machine breakdowns and complex situations, especially underground. There’s a unique satisfaction in finding solutions, moving obstacles out of the way and knowing you’ve made a real difference.

But why stop at mining? My journey has led me to develop a comprehensive one-stop shop, designed to tackle any industrial challenge you face. With a seasoned team ready to address your needs, we’re here to be your problem-solving heroes. Let us take on your challenges and together, we’ll achieve great success.”

Adrian Pope

Managing Director

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Adrian Pope


Adrian Pope, CEO of Apeiron, initially targeted mining with companies like Popeys Diesel Services. Recognising evolving needs, he diversified, notably acquiring an engineering firm with a factory during a pivot to manufacturing. This strategic expansion enabled Apeiron to offer broad industrial solutions, establishing global leadership in engineering and manufacturing.

Alex Sangster


Alex Sangster, who co-founded a leading company in the technically complex rockdrill market, is now applying his expertise and pioneering customer service model to propel Apeiron’s mission forward. His focus on innovative, customer-centric solutions and his technical acumen are instrumental in driving Apeiron’s growth in the industrial and mining sectors, utilising the strategies that once secured his company a dominant market share to enhance Apeiron’s competitive edge.

Yoka Baert


With a Master’s in Business Administration and over 20 years in finance, admin and HR, Yoka Baert has been pivotal to Apeiron’s growth over her 7-year tenure. Formerly a senior figure in a European international company, her expertise now drives Apeiron’s strategic development in Australia.

Matt Lloyd


As General Manager of Tartarus Underground Hire, Matt Lloyd leverages over two decades in Mobile Equipment & Mining, alongside an MBA, to guide Apeiron’s controlled growth. His leadership ensures Tartarus provides top-tier underground mining hire equipment, contributing significantly to the Australian hard rock mining sector’s success.

Gene Owen


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Andrew Clingeleffer


Andrew brings over 30 years of unparalleled expertise as a fitter, machinist and CNC specialist to the forefront of mining equipment manufacturing and repair. His leadership is marked by a commitment to process optimisation and the development of innovative solutions, showcasing a proven track record that significantly enhances operational efficiencies and industry standards.